Read what just a few of our customers have said about our services.

Lois Breida writes:
As a hardworking member of the Friends of the Seaside Library (Seaside, CA) I really appreciate the opportunity to sell many of our donated or withdrawn books to Book Prospector. It is a great way to augment our treasury to help us support the Library.
The Book Prospector site is easy to use and the free mailing labels are easy to print out and tape to the book package. It only takes a few minutes to package the books and put them out for the mail person to take to the post office.
Thanks to Book Prospector for providing such an easy way to earn money for our organization.
Lois Breida
Member and Volunteer
Friends of the Seaside Library

Tinker Murphy writes:
Book Prospector has proven to be a wonderful way to put the materials the library no longer needs into the hands of those who do----and a bonus of a little extra money for the book budget along the way!!! Since shipping is paid for, there is little investment on the part of the library except time. Our volunteers find it is much more fun than a treasure hunt---they search for the books in the database and when they get a hit, "whoops" of excitement sound through the department. We pack the books up, send them off and wait for a check!!! It is a win/win program.
Tinker Murphy
Head of Technical Services
Farmington Library

Sally E. Ascenzo writes:
Although we are new to Book Prospector we have been very surprised at how easy the website is to use. It is no different than searching for a book to borrow for a patron, except that the benefit is, if the material is accepted, our library can receive money for a weeded or unusable donated item, and, with shipping labels provided online to print as needed, there are no hidden costs. Our first month of 86 items sent to Book Prospector will bring to our library $101.15. These are items, in all formats, that have been sitting on our "sale" shelves for over 6 months. We were to the point of selling them for 10 cents a piece or a bag for a dollar and were unable to continue weeding our collection until these items were moved. What a relief!
Sally E. Ascenzo, Co-Director
Marrowbone Public Library District

Barbara Weber writes:
Book Prospector is easy to use. Book Prospector is accurate and fair. The payments are prompt. Book Prospector does a good job of keeping accurate records of what we've sent. The shipping labels are easy to print and the shipping process is very easy to manage.
Barbara Weber
New Holstein Public Library