How It Works

We work hard to ensure this process is simple and easy to use.  Selling your items can be broken down into three steps.
  • Step 1)

    The first step is to enter your item on this website.  This can be done by simply entering the item's ISBN, UPC, or Title and clicking "Check Now!".

  • Step 2)

    The next step is to review the instant price quote given to you for the item.  If you like what you see, as we are sure you will, then all you must do is click "Sell Item!".

  • Step 3)
    The last step will be to put all of the items into a box. The box must weigh at least 15 lbs. and a maximum of 70 lbs. Attach the prepaid shipping label we provide to you. The shipping label taped to a box of books will have it's own UPS tracking number and UPS will pick it up the next time they make a delivery to your library.

View Your Earnings

At any time, you may click the "Account Manager" tab and view your current earnings.  Your account balance will be paid in full on the 10th of every month for all of the items that we have received by the 1st of the month.