Bookselling made simple!

From inventory acquisition through order fulfillment, BookProspector combines all the essential bookselling tools to create a fully integrated bookselling environment for volume sellers.   Paramount to the BookProspector suite is the complete integration of tools into one concise management system.  (more...)

Scouting Tools


Inventory Management

The advanced scouting tools offer superior searching with detailed pricing analysis organized neatly from all of the major selling venues.   Mobile searching is available with the ability to add items to inventory instantly from the mobile device.  (more...)   Do you need complete inventory control with enhanced pricing details and analysis for more accurate listings?   This software presents straightforward, effective, and powerful management with the capability of managing and loading to all the major selling venues.  (more...)

Order Fulfillment


Complete Integration!

The sales management system instantly shows every order as they are received from each selling venue.   The sales are organized expertly with thorough details and manageable data to ensure effortless shipping.   The fulfillment software is complete with email responses, pull lists, packing slips, postage integration, and delivery confirmation.  (more...)   This is the key to system's incredible power and succeeding in providing   sellers very efficient performance.   The BookProspector suite of software creates a fully integrated selling environment for booksellers, handling all of these interconnected tasks with ease.  (more...)